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Construction Cleaning

We clean while the construction process the rubbish which will be produced. These would not just be an annoying fact while building, it would also increase the possibility of damaging the new parts. Therefore you should think about the cleaning while building. We offer you during the whole building process an outstanding order.

We take over for you:

  • Cleaning while building
  • Cleaning at the end of the building process
  • Polishing of the floor

Frequently asked questions:

Do you also provide service outside of Berne?

Yes, we have work orders all around Switzerland.

When do the customers have to pay?

The payment does have to be made after we are done with our work. As a customer, you have the possibility to pay cash or by a bill.

Is the flat viewing for free?

Yes, all of our viewings are without any cost and without any obligations.

Is the cleaning with a hand over guarantee?

Yes, it is with a hand over guarantee. Our team will be there as well.

Do you have an insurance for your company, if you damage something?

Yes we do. We are insured up to 5 million Swiss francs.